LIMBIC educational games – the future of homeschooling?

Parents' worst nightmare in 2021? Homeschooling!

But digital education doesn’t have to be boring. Check out our educational games that will boost your kids mental and physical performance (and give you a break) 😁

Kids love to play. It is natural and part of all of us and we are born to learn new things and develop our skills by playing. Even wild animals learn how to hunt by playing. This is the key to longterm success of individual development. To make the mind and body of kids bloom we need to offer kids a fun and exciting approach to discover the world.
Children are naturally active. All we need to do is to trigger it. Solve a math equation, find the perfect match in memory or remember where a specific country is located – all games require and develop cognitive skills. Combination, conclusion, concentration and even tactical skills.

Math Mission

The game is challenging you with basic math equations and boost your physical and mental performance. Fly to the moon through solving mathematical formulas. Playing this game is not only fun and exercise, it is also educational for both young and old.

Memory School Edition

We all know the classic card game Memory, where you turn over cards to find pairs. We trasfered this concept into a digital game on LIMBIC. This version of memory has different categories such as animals, planets and other objects. You can choose whether you want match images, vocabulary or vocabulary and images.


If you don’t like reading, this game it’s going to take you all over the world without coming out of your place. Start a global journey with your kids and family and find countries on this interactive map. If you don´t find the location after three attempts, you´ll get a hint.


This game is already launched but also still in development with more content. If you touch the wall or throw a ball at the piano keys LIMBIC plays a sound. We are working on an advanced version, where LIMBIC highlight some of the piano keys in order to play popular kid songs.

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Successfully funded on Kickstarter

We made it thanks to our Community

LIMBIC ACTIVE surpasses 100 percent funding on Kickstarter

Fun with Balls is turning heads with its mixed reality sports platform LIMBIC ACTIVE. The interactive exergaming console achieved 114 percent funding on Kickstarter.

New solutions for a fit and active lifestyle have never been more significant than in the current pandemic. While sports clubs suffer from declining memberships and screen times are increasing, LIMBIC ACTIVE now combines the physical and digital worlds and offers a viable solution to this problem. In the future, sports will hardly be conceivable without digital support.

LIMBIC ACTIVE has been successfully funded on their Kickstarter campaign and has exceeded their campaign goal of $272,500 by far – with $312,000 raised. The delivery of the first consoles will be mid this year, on schedule, due to secured funding. The logical next step for founder and sports innovator Markos Kern is to continue on the international fundraising platform Indiegogo:

“The great interest and success on Kickstarter, as well as the feedback from many experts gives us a lot of tailwind to bring LIMBIC ACTIVE to market as soon as possible. We combine gamification with sports in a unique way and are currently hitting the zeitgeist. 

The Future of Sports is Digital

National and international media are already celebrating the new technology as “the digital future of sport“. With LIMBIC ACTIVE, for example, you shoot a real ball at an interactive wall to compete against a virtual goalkeeper. With the help of a projector, camera and sensors, the system recognizes where you shoot and where you stand.

The new LIMBIC ACTIVE training system draws on the existing marketplace of various sports game applications and allows external developers to create applications via Unity and the Godot Engine.

Over the past four years, the Munich-based hardware/SAAS startup has already equipped sports venues, retail stores and educational facilities worldwide with MultiBall and interactiveSquash. Now, after months of R&D and the development of its own motion tracking sensors, the company wants to expand its business field to include home fitness.

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How gaming will change the future of home fitness.

Dismantling the classical home workout approach through mixed gaming and interactive sports.

Home workouts and connected fitness devices are currently making waves as one of the best ways to stay fit.  So you may wonder whether LIMBIC ACTIVE is just another digital home trainer? In short: it’s not. Learn more  about our gamificated approach to physical activity and our promise to help our customers to stay motivated in the long run – even though you are not a fitness fanatic. 

You wonder how all these Instagram trainers and fitness influencers manage to stay commited to their usual set of squats, lunges, crunches and push ups after month of lockdown? How can anybody really (and we mean really) be enjoying double digit sets of single-leg deadlifts? 

We know…we know…it is irritating isn’t it? But what if we tell you that we have something that will stop you from wallowing while binging on biscuits and watching those folks sweat off their stress with unprecedented dedication, as they frolic their all-year round summer bodies in your face? Plus, our solution will not (and we repeat: will NOT) try to encourage you to eat an apple instead of the pizza or burger you are about to consume, as a reward for surviving one more day of quarantine.

You are probably wondering what kind of mystical and non-judgmental gizmo we are talking about and if it even exists at this point? Guess what though, it gets even better! Not only does it not bore you with the usual workout routines, it also gives you a full body workout at home, without actually having to count how many sit-ups you have done or make you daydream about throwing a glazed donut on your phone screen, aiming at the fitness guru whose telling you to do one more set of burpees with a smile on their face.

Okay, at this point you are probably thinking (and we quote Severus Snape) “what kind of sorcery is this?” this is no wizardly matter ladies and gentlemen. It is our LIMBIC ACTIVE edition replacing the days of mundane exercise and weightlifting with a large variety of ball games, fitness classes in different genres, and lots of entertainment games to develop physical and cognitive skills. With the help of only a beamer, you can repurpose your space into a football field and work on those goal scores you have been dying to shoot since football fields were no longer an option.

Additional models such as air hockey and darts let you have others join in on the fun and the build-up of excitement, as one of you gets closer to the puck or ranks the best in hitting bullseyes on the dartboard, all while focusing on the game and not the calories burnt.






Assuming that you like fast-moving interactive games, enjoyable if not amusing time spent with friends and family, and not having to get workout gear or stare at some for hours, trying hard to persuade yourself to use them (like Beatrix “The Bride” Kiddo (Black Mamba) did when she tried to wiggle her big toe) then LIMBIC ACTIVE is for you!




All fun and games aside LIMBIC ACTIVE helps you to stay active and positive regardless of your age and skill level, especially in these unusual times.  Bringing you our LIMBIC ACTIVE console to your home is our contribution to help you stay home, stay safe, and elevate your short and long-term workouts to a more entertaining and functional level.

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Board of Board games? Bring your family together with LIMBIC!

Bored of Board games? Bring your family together with LIMBIC ACTIVE

If you are rushing to buy yet another board game for your family online, step-back, relax, and opt for a better way to keep your loved ones busy and fit. Gone are the days of classic board games that lead to all too many pointless family feuds and frustrating losses. It is time to not reach for the board when bored. Instead upgrade quality time with your family with a large variety of interactive fun games on LIMBIC ACTIVE.

Limbic re-invents entertainment and active sports through entertainment-centric games that not only help to keep your mind focused but also engages young and old in active family fun.  Make your kids leave their smartphones behind and bring them on to the field of agility testing, treasure hunts, and off beat games. 

LIMBIC ACTIVE brings the next level family entertainment to your home and revolutionizes the old-school game night of cards and nerve-wracking boardgames. 

Where instead of moving a few steps from the couch to the floor or the dining table to lose to another game of charades to your siblings (because they somehow get better and better at miming one worded three syllabled movie titles) you get to include everyone thanks to LIMBIC ACTIVE, and together work on the array of skills you possess that eventually become worth flaunting.

A game of Aloisius for example, will test your agility and planning tactics in a fun bavarian backdrop. If you are an all-time fan of candy crush, then monster match will help you beat your highest score plus tick off your cardio for the day without having to succumb to the yoga mat or dusty weights sitting in the corner of your room.

You could play Ocean with your younger siblings, a game of slots and/or squash with your mum and dad, or the whole family could take part in a game of classic squash invaders. The point is that the single and multiplayer games provide enough entertainment and activity to launch a whole new way of spending time together at home.



Now wouldn’t that just be a beautiful image?


So, what are you waiting for? Create an entertaining and educational experience for your kids indoors.

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Bring some fun into your kids’ routine with Limbic

Bring some fun into your kids’ routine with Limbic

You are probably at a stage where you have almost run out of ways to keep your kids as well as yourself and your spouse entertained and focused. Between juggling cooking and cleaning with working from home and home schooling, it could pose a challenge to find an outlet for children and adults that are staying home all day. Not to mention, finding creative ways to help them feel uplifted with appealing activities.

LIMBIC ACTIVE takes physically and mentally engaging games to a whole new level. Not only does it merge both to create a fantastic opportunity to keep kids mentally engaged and active, it adds a positive spin to your quarantine experience, especially when it comes to creating the ideal set up of a daily family routine that embeds a brainy and fun workout in their daily routine.

Education games such as math mission, have proven to be a big hit amongst our younger and older users. It has to the potential to support with the occasionally challenging task of homeschooling, through boosting mental and physical performance with math questions answered simply by tossing a ball or using a racket to do so.
The game offers the flexibility of playing one against one, or even team against team, all while flying to the moon with the help of solving mathematical formulas. Since you would also be able to select the difficulty level, this game is not only suitable for all ages, it also improves hand-eye coordination while honing one’s math skills with quick thinking.

Creating a positive experience with exercise and learning for kids is not always a simple task. With LIMBIC ACTIVE, it makes the motivation part much easier, especially with adults and kids who are usually more skeptical of exercise or new approaches to passing their free time. The approach of coupling physical and mental activity is a very efficient way to keep the kids’ productively engaged and bodily active.

Imagine being able to throw a ball around while learning math (making math ten times cooler than it is), or if you don’t like sitting and reading, imagine a game that takes you all over the world without having to leave your home.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Create an entertaining and educational experience for your kids indoors and find out more on how to order LIMBIC ACTIVE. 

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