All to play for: Five reasons why the gamification of sports is the future


Gamification is one of the biggest up and coming trends of the sports industry at the moment. Sport and fitness games are built on the premise of getting fit by having fun. These interactive games require the user to apply full body motion to participate in technology-driven physical activities. The concept behind „Exergaming“ takes the passion for gaming and turns what was once considered a sedentary behavior into a potentially more active and healthy activity.

Physical gaming has the potential to combat modern society’s lack of physical activity 

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and making exercise part of our daily routine isn’t the easiest task in our increasingly digital wold. Exergaming has emerged as a great gateway to achieve more physical activity and bring the benefits of technology enabled sports to younger generations. 

According to the Word Health Organisation children and adolescents around the world are not active enough. Products that successfully capture the interest of youngsters for sports and exercise such as exergaming devices can be a tool to combat this worrisome lack of physical activity.

Five benefits of combining physical activity and digital gameplay

  1. Motivation and Performance: Exergaming boosts training motivation and performance as players are focused on the gameplay while performing spots or fitness workouts.

  2. Train body and brain at the same time: It trains physical and cognitive skills at the same time. This multidimensional stimulation of body and brain is especially valuable for kids’ development.

  3. Social Interaction: Gamification allows for social interaction as multiple players can participate at one time and compete on worldwide leaderboards.

  4. Boost overall well-being: Considering that human life is based on an inseparatable physical-cognitive interplay, combined physical-cognitive training through exergames is a promising approach to boost mental and physical health as well as overall well-being.

  5. The Fun Factor: Exergaming enhances enjoyment of exercise by infusing workouts with the joy of play. 

LYMBIK ACTIVE unleashes your physical activity using the power of gamification

The interactive home gym LYMBIK ACTIVE is specially designed to distract you from workout pain by transforming exercise into fun games. Moving targets, fast-paced gameplay and direct audio-visual feedback keep you focused on completing action-packed tasks while taking your workout performance to new heights.

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This is exactly my kids and myself have been waiting for a long time. Playing together, challenge yourself and others. Have fun, be social and get fit the same time. I ordered one and can’t wait to get it. 😘
Backer on Kickstarter
This is absolutely amazing, As a hardcore gamer I defiantly want one, I've tried VR before to get my lazy ass up, but It wasn't my thing with all of those weird headaches, but this thing is in another level.
Backer on Kickstarter

How gaming will change the future of home fitness.

Dismantling the classical home workout approach through mixed gaming and interactive sports.

Home workouts and connected fitness devices are currently making waves as one of the best ways to stay fit.  So you may wonder whether LYMBIK ACTIVE is just another digital home trainer? In short: it’s not. Learn more  about our gamificated approach to physical activity and our promise to help our customers to stay motivated in the long run – even though you are not a fitness fanatic. 

You wonder how all these Instagram trainers and fitness influencers manage to stay commited to their usual set of squats, lunges, crunches and push ups after month of lockdown? How can anybody really (and we mean really) be enjoying double digit sets of single-leg deadlifts? 

We know…we know…it is irritating isn’t it? But what if we tell you that we have something that will stop you from wallowing while binging on biscuits and watching those folks sweat off their stress with unprecedented dedication, as they frolic their all-year round summer bodies in your face? Plus, our solution will not (and we repeat: will NOT) try to encourage you to eat an apple instead of the pizza or burger you are about to consume, as a reward for surviving one more day of quarantine.

You are probably wondering what kind of mystical and non-judgmental gizmo we are talking about and if it even exists at this point? Guess what though, it gets even better! Not only does it not bore you with the usual workout routines, it also gives you a full body workout at home, without actually having to count how many sit-ups you have done or make you daydream about throwing a glazed donut on your phone screen, aiming at the fitness guru whose telling you to do one more set of burpees with a smile on their face.

Okay, at this point you are probably thinking (and we quote Severus Snape) “what kind of sorcery is this?” this is no wizardly matter ladies and gentlemen. It is our LYMBIK ACTIVE edition replacing the days of mundane exercise and weightlifting with a large variety of ball games, fitness classes in different genres, and lots of entertainment games to develop physical and cognitive skills. With the help of only a beamer, you can repurpose your space into a football field and work on those goal scores you have been dying to shoot since football fields were no longer an option.

Additional models such as air hockey and darts let you have others join in on the fun and the build-up of excitement, as one of you gets closer to the puck or ranks the best in hitting bullseyes on the dartboard, all while focusing on the game and not the calories burnt.

Assuming that you like fast-moving interactive games, enjoyable if not amusing time spent with friends and family, and not having to get workout gear or stare at some for hours, trying hard to persuade yourself to use them (like Beatrix “The Bride” Kiddo (Black Mamba) did when she tried to wiggle her big toe) then LYMBIK ACTIVE is for you!

All fun and games aside LYMBIK ACTIVE helps you to stay active and positive regardless of your age and skill level, especially in these unusual times.  Bringing you our LYMBIK ACTIVE console to your home is our contribution to help you stay home, stay safe, and elevate your short and long-term workouts to a more entertaining and functional level.

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