Captain Tsubasa 2018 / Dentsu

Limbic Active worked together with our Japanese partners, DENTSU, to create a one of a kind interactive soccer game, using material from the original IP holders of Captain Tsubasa.

The challenge consisted of hitting prearranged targets to score points in a penalty shootout scenario. Each shot was followed by a custom animation showing signature shots from the Captain Tsubasa 2018 series. Hosts input the players names using an IPAD, to display names in the high score

Analytics show a whopping level of sessions played, as the game was started almost 1500 times in a time span of 3 days! Players received various prizes for their participation.


I was so happy to be a part of this event. Saudi Arabia is really starting to open up and I could finally play like my idol growing up, Tsubasa Ozora!

Talal, 18