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Delivery August 2021

Pre-Order Offer

For our Early Birds we have limited Pre-Order Deals. 
The official price after our pre-order phase will be 1085 € + shipping. 

A projector is not included. LYMB.iO works with any projector.

12 Month Free Premium Subscription

With your pre-order you get a free license for 12 months, which includes all current and future games and apps.

The regular price will then be 29.90 €/ month or 299 €/ year.

You won’t get charged automatically after the 12th month. 


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Successfully funded on Kickstarter and soon coming to your home.

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Customers reviews

What people say?

This is exactly my kids and myself have been waiting for a long time. Playing together, challenge yourself and others. Have fun, be social and get fit the same time. I ordered one and can’t wait to get it. 😘
Backer on Kickstarter
Hi there, awesome product! Seems to be a fun activity for the whole family. I'm sure my kids will love it. The ball games will keep my kids entertained. And most probably my husband, too 😊
Backer on Kickstarter
This is absolutely amazing, As a hardcore gamer I defiantly want one, I've tried VR before to get my lazy ass up, but It wasn't my thing with all of those weird headaches, but this thing is in another level.
Backer on Kickstarter